Here is information on Rally Obedience resources, including links to various websites.  Please scroll down to see all the links.
Sharing Rally Obedience Resources with the Canine Community
Rally Information and Resources
Links to Rally Trial Information:
click here to go to
(just click the tab for your province, then click on the word "Events" located on the left-hand side of the page. A menu will drop down - now click on "Rally Obedience" to get a listing of events in your area)
click here to go to the CKC Calendar of Events page
click here to go to the AKC Rally page
click here to go to the CKC Rally Events Listing
click here to go to Dr. Elise MacMahon's series of Rally Videos
click here to go to a "Rallyjudge" video on pivots
(You can then look at the rest of her Rally training videos from there)
IMPORTANT NOTE: remember, not every judge wants exercises/stations done the same way. If you have any questions, ask your judge - do not depend completely upon any video, etc., as it is your judge that will be determining your score.
Links to Rally videos:
Special note: this is where it all started for us - Elise's videos were the first ones I could find on Rally, and we earned both the RN titles on our dogs using nothing but these Internet videos and a book). If you are just getting started in Rally, I highly recommend watching these videos.
Links to Rally Information Documents:
click here to link to several documents on Rally, including printable signs

(this site is a bit dated, but still useful)
(However, please note that because the printable sign set is dated, there is not a CKC Rally sign for the new Exercise 48A. "Moving Down - walk around dog")
Training Facilities:
Special note: these are places where I have trained or rented floor space, but there are many more.
Click here to go to Campaign Dog Academy (Georgetown, Ontario)
Click here to go to Superdog Central (Bowmanville, Ontario)
Click here to go to Country Club for Pets (London, Ontario)
Click here to go to All About Dogs (Toronto, Ontario)
Click here to go to Swansea Dog Obedience Club (Toronto, Ontario)
Canadian Rally Trial Information
American Rally Trial Information