Here are some "Dog Treats" for you and your canine companions. These include links to various files that you may find useful. (Please note that it may take a few moments for the files to open.)

In addition, please check back as we create new resources designed to help people in the canine community!

Sharing Rally Obedience Resources with the Canine Community
Dog Treats
Emergency Contact Form - If something happens to you, what happens to your dogs? Help make certain that your wishes are respected by printing this form, filling it out, and then posting it someplace obvious (mine is on our refridgerator) and placing a copy with your important documents. (can also be used for other pets) In addition, should you need to contact a vet, their info is on this form.

Special note to Breeders: Help ensure your puppy's safety! Please feel free to give these forms to your new puppy parents. Simply pre-fill the form with the dog's description, ID, etc. and your contact information, as well as any vet info, etc. 
Click here for a copy of the Emergency Contact Form
General Dog Travel List - There are so many things to bring along when you are traveling with your dogs. Here is a general list of some of the documents and items you may want to bring along when you are traveling together.
Click here for a copy of the General Dog Travel List
New as of Feb. 2011 - updated Emergency Contact Form for all Pets
Emergency Contact Form for ALL Pets - Ok, many of you have different kinds of pets, and not just dogs. This updated form includes the following changes:
1) The new horizontal format allows you to list more pets, as well as more information about each pet
2) Allows you to specify the type of pet/species (i.e. dog, cat, bird, etc.)
2) Allows you to list the specific guardian for each pet
3) Gives you space to list two different vets
4) Provides more space for notes on each guardian (for example, listing the best contact method to reach them)

Click here for an updated Emergency Form for all Pets
Document and Link List for this page (please click on one of the numbered lines below to be directed to that information)

1) Emergency Contact Form - Dog Specific

2) NEW! Emergency Contact Form - ALL PETS

3) General Dog Travel List